Mollie Malone's in Los Angeles

Thursday night’s show at Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles was my first full show with The Devious Means. It felt powerful. It felt like the five different robot lions came together to form Voltron, defend the universe, and unleash highly dance-able rock all over an unsuspecting crowd.

Set List

  1. Shake
  2. Witmer
  3. Problematic
  4. She Comes Around
  5. Making Eyes
  6. Porcelain Mouths

Not unusual for LA crowds, the place filled up just as we launched into the opener. It was great to see so many lovely, familiar faces out and we apologize for melting them all off with our barnburner of a set.

The Devious Means @ Mollie Malone's"Shake" really set the table. Anytime someone whips out a trumpet these days (with the exception of that weird ska resurgence circa 1996-1999 where it was the norm) everyone stops talking about what their friend posted on Facebook and gets sucked in.

The show reached a high point for me on “Problematic”. When that chorus hits it’s like the impact of a big rig from Ice Road Truckers going off the cliff and smashing into a brood of hipsters. 

How’d the show go overall? I think it’s best described with this - I shattered a guitar pick, and Jason destroyed a cymbal stand. The Devious Means are a wrecking ball of rock and roll.

Get ready OC, you’re next…ever dance to a wrecking ball?

[ andy ]